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Sean Rohani

Charlie Adler · Andrea Toyias · Sam Riegel · Andrea Romano · Sara Jane Sherman · Elaine Craig · Jamie Mortellaro · Jennifer Trujillo · Amanda Wyatt · Collette Sunderman · Emma Emrich · Julia Pleasants · Mary Elizabeth McGlynn · Kristi Reed · Lindsay Halper · Kristin Paiva · Mick Wingert · Patrick Michalak · Wes Gleason · Ned Lott · Tom Keegan · Jeremy Hall · Johnny Gidcomb

Upright Citizens Brigade: Advanced Improvisational Comedy

Acting: Robert D'Avanzo · Playhouse West

With a leading man voice and a guy-next-door personality, Sean Rohani can bring life to any voice, and joy to every session.

  • Experience in commercials, animation, interactive, looping, dubbing, audiobooks, ISDN, SourceConnect, and more.
  • Trilingual (English, Farsi, Spanish) and intermediate French
  • Advanced improv training and performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade.



With over 700,000 views on YouTube and an international following, Sean Rohani has also established himself as a one-man wrecking crew, writing, voicing, and animating sports parodies, e-cards, and everything in between.

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